lundi 16 juin 2014

Le foot est un sport de pédés dont se régalent les hétéros

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Anonyme a dit…

Which sport is more manly than football?
the physical contacts are amazing and horny worthy of a true erection!

Anonyme a dit…

wooff What a sexy ass and legs are these?? Help! play soocers are just fuckable
love pics 1 2 and 3 there is nothing more beautiful than to see men loving each other in the sport kissing and figering each other their asses

gluteos z a dit…

RUGBY IS MORE MANLY! Yes i would say that it is but i find rugby more exciting though.!
love football too those soccers touching each other their asses and cocks is amazing
André are you watching the World Cup?
say those players from Africa are delicious mainly Ghana and Camaroes please post black african soccers

lukkas a dit…

rugby is more manly than football, due to the intensity and physical toll the game takes on the players, rugby players tend to be tougher as they take massive hits unlike football players who go down when they get tapped! Rugby is so exciting and so addictive!
i loved those pics of this male soccers they´re real studs i wanna burry my face in their asses

Xersex a dit…

#1 #4 #5 très doux - so sweet

#7 David Beckham, adorable!!!

#15 Ronaldo est-il gay?

#19 Gayssimo!!!