mardi 16 septembre 2014

Les Écossais soulèvent leurs kilts et votent jeudi. Divorce ou pas ?

Cela les chatouille ou cela les grattouille? Un beau reste de l'Empire britannique cherche à s'émanciper.

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I love Scottish bulls´Butt
men in kilts are so sexy amazing pics ! i loved #1 and last pic !
oh blogger load more Bull´s butt

Anonyme a dit…

fuck A True Taste Of Manhood !men of scotland got a nice orange bush A tiny bit of blond hair in his ass crack just makes it even more delicious for rimmmmmmming !
i´m crazy about kilts ! mmmmmmm

lukkas a dit…

wow imagens 1 4 11 ! There is nothing sexier than a men in a kilt! showing his asses Scottish Men have the best asses and legs of the world !
I'd love to bury my face between that legs ! holy crap

Musclemania a dit…

scotish men are a dream come true. What's not to like here?
His gorgeous manly faces, big juicy bubble butts, huge legs in those kilts
i´m very hard on

Xersex a dit…

heureusement ils ont décidé de rester unis!!

eduardo a dit…

free scotland ever !omg they should always raise their kilts and show us those big asses and muscle legs
the asses of the world
i´m addict about kilt
what do you think andré?